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Working Alliance offers:

  •      Restorative Clinical Supervision
  •      Communication Training
  •      Conflict Resolution
  •      Counselling & Personal Development

     For Groups & Individuals:

     Restorative clinical supervision provides time and space for you to      
     explore and understand the detail of your clinical practice; how it affects
     practitioners, clients and organisations; and what are the opportunities
     for you to do things differently

     Communication training is an opportunity for you to explore and unpick
     communication challenges and frustrations; to identify communication
     patterns and notice where difficulties occur; and to identify strategies for
     change in the direction of more constructive communication

     Conflict resolution assists you in understanding your relationship to
     conflict; what you want to happen differently; what choices are open to
     you that might assist this; how these changes might be implemented

     Counselling and personal development offers you empathy and deep
     understanding; a space for you to verbalise and clarify your thoughts and
     feelings without judgement

   Clinical Supervisor, Communication Trainer, Conflict  
   Resolution Facilitator and Counsellor

   I have more than 20 years experience of working with groups and
    individuals across a wide variety of social care organisations. In total, I  
    have delivered in excess of 25,000 hours of clinical supervision,
    primarily to groups, through my independent practice.

   I hold qualifications in counselling, counselling supervision and
    management studies and have undertaken intensive training in non-
    violent communication
and conflict resolution.

   Learn more about How I Work by clicking here or call me on
    07944 668 413



Office: 020 7625 3247

Mobile: 07944 668 413

Conflict & Communication in Supervision

One-day workshop offered to supervisors of counsellors and other social care professionals

North West London